About us

Proximity Network is a network of ministries and missionaries for every disadvantaged neighbourhood in the nation.

Firstly to map those ministries and missionaries actively working in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. These will be categorised in eight different ways based on the government’s indices of deprivation statistics released in 2019.

We want to:

1) RESOURCE: Offer those on the frontline the means to sustain and advance their ministry.
Blog, vlog, justice Bible reading plan, audio books, best practice application, neighbourhood exegesis resources, inspirational books – PDF, webinars, conferences.

2) RELATE: Provide members with a mechanism to interrelate, cross pollinate, share best practice and support and work more strategically together in partnership.

3) RELEASE: Establish a list of disadvantaged areas that appear to be under resourced and work strategically to send and support new ministries willing to fill the gaps.